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Crew Metal Fabrication, Custom Gates, Fencing metal fabricators

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Our Team

We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you will always be happy that you chose us. 

Metal fabrication is a trade that most people are not familiar with. Here at Crew Metal Fabrication, we promise to never unfairly take advantage of someone who needs our services. We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and we firmly believe that you'll see the difference when you choose our company. We have also been family- owned and operated from the start enabling us to extend the warmness we experience everyday to you.

We may not be related, but you’ll feel like we are family.

We are committed to building a project you can be proud of...

Our staff is highly skilled plus we have years of experience and certifications. With all the expertise in the world however, you cannot teach dedication. This comes from within and we have this too, which ensures that your needs are met when we do a project for you. 

Company Location: Pomona, CA

Experience: 10 Years Plus

Service Area: California

Projects We Do: (Several Types => See Project List)

Contact: (Email: Phone: 866-566-CREW (2739)

*If you own a metal fabrication or welding company, have metal fabrication experience, have welding expertise, or can install our products, we would love

to speak with you regarding future projects. During any downtime you can pick up

some of our projects to keep business flowing. We are always up for networking to build

a strong and cohesive business network.

*In addition to what was previously stated, if you have projects that need more manpower to complete, need some veteran expertise, or need to be outsourced for whatever reason, contact us. We will help you do the job whether it is metal fabrication, installation or purchasing materials for your project.